What we offer

Regardless of whether your company needs custom machinery, optimization of mechanical work processes or automation of monotonously repetitive work, PBNs solutions rest on a basis of 30 years’ specialised knowledge.

Custom engineering

oes your company have other needs than what standard systems and machinery are able to cover? PBN develops and manufactures tailored and business-critical machinery, equipment and automated systems that help you maintain the distance to your competitors.

Optimisation and automation

Do you wish to futureproof your company’s production and optimize mechanical work processes and output? PBN offers tailored automation systems that improve the capacity and efficiency of your company’s production.

Service and support

Thorough commissioning and training in operation and maintenance form a firm part of the consignment of all PBN deliveries. With the subsequent service and support, we make sure that your systems and machinery run reliably, 365 days a year.